Have to start somewhere

I had a very rough time trying to figure out where to start on this new trek of mine. I own a lot of classics that I am sad to say I have never read (although I may have pretended I did). I decided to start with Watership Down by Richard Adams. I recently picked up the book at a library sale for $1! It is things like that to cause me to have so many books.

For those who don’t know, the book is about a group of rabbits who venture from their home to escape danger in hopes of finding a safe haven. They encounter many strange and scary things, but they have to learn to survive together. The only other things I knew about this book before starting was that it was a classic tale that many people talk about having read in grade school, and it was made into a movie. I have also heard the ending in particular is very sad and tragic. Let’s just say, I am preparing myself.

So far, I am about 90 pages in. It has been a quick read, particularly because the chapters are only about 5 pages in length. The subject matter so far is a little droll, but I am sure I will get into it soon enough. They have only just left their old home and ventured upon some new rabbits. I am enjoying the culture that Adams has given to these rabbits, and I can already see how he makes comparisons to our own world.

The only downside is that I picked a book with 475 pages to tackle first. I am worried that by doing so, I might dwindle down on my resolve to polish off this library. Luckily, I just finished a couple of books recently, so I shouldn’t feel the need to pick up another one quite yet.


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