The Ultimate Schedule & What I’m Reading

I have been exhausted the past couple of weeks and a little lackadaisical about my writing and reading. But I am hoping I can get back on track with the new plan I have laid out for myself. I figured out a tentative schedule for my posting. I say “tentative” because I have a life and this blog is for fun. I want to write more, but I don’t want to force something onto the page simply because I am pressuring myself to keep a schedule. However, I fully intend to stick to it as best as possible.

The Sunday Review: I will reflect on a novel I recently read by giving a synopsis, an analysis, my personal thoughts and a rating based on a 10 point scale.

The Tuesday Breakdown: This will consist of updates on the novels I am currently reading and/or hope to read soon. I will muse about my thoughts on the book so far and when I could hope to finish.

The Thursday Observation: Currently, I will use this day to answer the questions in my Book Meme, but I hope to also use it for my Book-to-Movie Comparisons (which I have yet to get off the ground).

In addition to my scheduled days, I hope to make more smaller posts throughout the week. I want to add updates about finishing/starting a book, and more about my personal life. I am looking forward to it. I need to stop being so worried about only writing long posts. I hope to implement my plan starting this week, which means on Thursday I will be answering the next question in my meme. I really need to ponder on what book makes me happy, because nothing instantly pops into my mind.

In my last post, I attempted to come up with a way to determine what book to read next. I decided to compile a list here (tab at the top), since I am unable to use my Shelfari widget. In doing so, I realized I have a lot of old, short books to read, such as plays. So, my idea was to alternate an older novel with a newer one. Meaning after I finish my current read, Memoirs of a Geisha, I will be reading an older play.

Along with Memoirs, I am listening to a couple audiobooks. 22 Britannia Road is occupying my driving time. Artemis Fowl is what I am listening to at work. The public library truly is an amazing thing, especially now that they have Overdrive.

I just finished Matched by Ally Condie today. It is a new YA dystopian novel. I also finished Stormrage by Richard Knaak last week. Both were on audiobook, and I am looking forawrd to giving reviews about both of them. I borrowed Willpower from the library, but I was once again stifled by the non-fiction genre. It is really too bad, because it was very interesting. I was only able to have it for 2 weeks on my Kindle, and I only got about 35% through. I might try checking it out again eventually. The same goes for Adapt, which is now back on the shelf, half-read. Tuesdays With Morrie was finished a couple weeks ago, so that will most likely be my first review next week.

On a personal level, we had another wedding reception this past weekend. My camera battery was dead, unfortunately, but it was a lot of fun, especially considering I didn’t have to worry about any of the planning details. Sadly, it now means the wedding fun is over, but married life is going great. My name has been officially changed everywhere but the bank, and we are waiting on the photographer to finally email us our professional pictures!

The dogs are getting big and lazy now that the weather is cooling off. We are looking forward to the Halloween festivities. The dogs have their fun outfits and James and I are doing a Star Wars theme (his idea, I would have gone with Lord of the Rings). I’ll make sure to charge my camera battery and get some pictures this time (pictures of us being huge nerds).


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