Most Underrated Book

I have been wanting to post for the past few days, but I didn’t have time to prepare a review. So, I thought I would make a quick post about another bookish question.
I am sticking in the fantasy genre for this one, because sometimes I feel like the genre itself is underrated. Or maybe just misunderstood. But that’s a whole different post. There were a few books I thought about recommending, but when I really thought about it, there was one obvious choice for me. The book is Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson.
In the past year, Sanderson has become one of my favorite authors. My husband teases me about how much I talk about him.  He is relatively new (his first novel was published around 2005), but most people recognize him as the author who took over writing the Wheel of Time series. Clearly if he was tasked with taking over the epic series from the late Robert Jordan, he must be talented, right? I have now read three of his novels: Warbreaker, Way of Kings, and Mistborn. Each one is fantastic and epic in it’s own way, but Warbreaker seems like it doesn’t get the credit it’s due.

Amazon has a great description of the novel, and since I don’t feel like I can do the book justice in the limited time I have to write the post, I will share it here:

Warbreaker is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses, the God King one of them has to marry, the lesser god who doesn’t like his job, and the immortal who’s still trying to undo the mistakes he made hundreds of years ago. Their world is one in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren’s capital city and where a power known as BioChromatic magic is based on an essence known as breath that can only be collected one unit at a time from individual people. By using breath and drawing upon the color in everyday objects, all manner of miracles and mischief can be accomplished. It will take considerable quantities of each to resolve all the challenges facing Vivenna and Siri, princesses of Idris; Susebron the God King; Lightsong, reluctant god of  bravery, and mysterious Vasher, the Warbreaker.

You can tell by the summary how the world building is so complex. Sanderson also achieves complex characters.  I can’t stress how much I think everyone should be reading this author. If you like fantasy, magic, female protagonists, or intrigue, you will enjoy his novels. If you like anything that’s unique, you will enjoy his novels. While you could pick up any one of his novels and have a great reading experience, I believe Warbreaker is the best choice. His other novels are much longer or part of a series. This is a stand alone novel that will get you hooked on this author.

What’s the best news about this novel? Sanderson himself offers it FOR FREE on his website. That’s right, you can get this book for free, and it will introduce you to something new. The book is in PDF format, which can be easily read via Kindle. Give it a try, what’s the risk?


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