Procrastination or Lack of Enthusiasm?

I have been doing a lot of research about the best way to begin a first draft and all the prep work you should do before starting. Unfortunately, this has led to more procrastination on actually writing. All this procrastination has me thinking about why I am procrastinating, and I can only come to one conclusion: I am not sold on my book idea. That’s bad, isn’t it?

Without going into too much detail, my novel idea is loosely based off my life. I also add in a fantasy aspect. I am starting out by doing loose character sketches, but I am struggling. I can’t decide how closely to resemble my own story. Do I make the main character… me? Something about that prospect bores me (wow, what does that say about me?!). I like the idea of creating a completely new character, but I somehow think that completely changes the story.

I don’t think there is anything like my idea out there. Then again, that could be a bad thing. It might not appeal to a mass audience. This, added to my concerns about characters, is making me question if I should even bother. I have been contemplating moving on to a new story. The problem is… I don’t have one. I know I should just dig my heels in and start writing this one, and maybe I will start to love it. I just worry about wasting my time.

How do you motivate yourself to write something you aren’t in love with?


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