Moving & Reading Don’t Mix – A July Review

Monthly reviewThe past few months have been chaos which does not breed much leisure time. My amount of reading has plummeted to ghastly proportions. It is shaping up to be my worst year of reading in ten years, and I know because I track all of my reading. In March, I gave birth to my second son and my other son turned four. In April, we got the news that my husband was offered a job in another state. By the end of May, we’d packed our entire life, sold our house, and moved into an apartment in North Carolina. June, we settled in and tried to replace everything we once knew, including a new school for my four-year-old. This month of July, we bought our new house and are getting ready to move again.

It would be hard enough to adjust to all this alone, but I have two young kids to adjust as well, and that often makes for stressful days. It means my nights were spent dealing with moving stuff, kids stuff, or vegging until I crashed. Did I mention it’s a two bedroom apartment? The baby is in our room, which means no late-night-right-before-bed-reading. It’s been hard to let loose and relax when most of the stuff I use to do that is packed away in storage. Here’s hoping that next month we can focus on getting into a routine and finding a rhythm.

Currently Reading

The Crimson Queen by Alec Hutson – current book club selection, near completion

Recently Finished

I have actually not finished a book in the month of July. I’m almost done with The Crimson Queen, but I won’t be by the time I publish this so I won’t lie! I read one book in June, one in May, and then some stuff back in February. I’ll just tell you the last two.

We Are Legion: We Are Bob by Dennis E. TaylorReview

Heir of Fire: Throne of Glass Book 3 by Sarah J. Maas

Upcoming Reads

I would like to read a minimum of three books in August, preferably four or five, but with the move, I dare not be too optimistic. I have two planned out, the third is up for grabs.

14 by Peter Clines – next month’s book club selection

Queen of Shadows: Throne of Glass Book 4 by Sarah J. Maas – I’ve had this one from the library after a long waitlist, so I need to read this one soon

Recently Purchased

Northern Virginia had a drought of bookstores after the death of Borders, so it has been a pleasant change to peruse the shelves and maybe leave home with a couple. Our book buying slowed after I started staying home, but living in a much more affordable area might make it possible again on a more regular basis.

The Battles of Tolkien by David Day

A Dictionary of Tolkien by David Day

I just fell in love with these beautiful, leather-style bound books walking in Barnes and Noble. I am waiting to read them when I have my copies of Lord of the Rings out of storage.

Blog News

I’m attempting to write regularly, though I am not making a strict schedule. In the past, that has come back to bite me in the butt. I am working on expanding my subject matter, while still focusing on books. I’ve come to realize that maintaining a review schedule is very difficult, particularly when I need to take excellent notes to write a review I am happy with. I struggle too much with memory issues, and often, I don’t want to take notes, I just want to read. You’ll probably see more of my book related series, such as Bookish Behavior or editorial and discussion style posts, as well as more personal updates regarding my writing.

I am also going to start writing about children’s books. I am not sure my readership on this blog (likely more fantasy readers), but I do read a lot of kid’s stuff during the day, and I would love to put my thoughts out there. I’m still working on how I want to put it all together, but keep an eye out.


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